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Sitting Council 2022 Election Donations

Where did the sitting Council members receive their campaign donations from?  Who does your Councillor work for?  In 2022, many of the elected Councillors received funding from Developers, Aggregate and non-Caledon residents.  Why are Developer donations bad for Caledon democracy?

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Demonstrating the past performance of the incumbent Councillors trying to seek relection.  How did they vote on critical matters, in the public interest or not?

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2019 - 2020 Council Voting records

I have shared some of the bigger votes of the 2019/2020 council to demonstrate what votes were in favour of residents.  As you can see there is a pattern of voting with the same Councillors voting together and not in the best interest of Caledon Residents.  Other Council members were voting in favour of expediting the EA for the 413,  all day parking downtown Bolton and a new pool for Caledon East which we could not afford