Incumbent 2018 Campaign Donors

Who did our incumbent Councillors get donations from in the 2018 election? Understanding who funds the candidate, demonstrates where their loyalties lie. This is a work in progress. Check back regularly to see updates

Nick DeBoer 2018 Campaign Donations

Councillor de Boer reported receiving $13,150 from 18 donors, only one of whom resided in the Town of Caledon, who is also a builder.

  • Robert Fernicola (President: Carrington Developments): $1,200.00

  • Antonio Patullo (President: Avenue Building Corporation): $1,200.00

  • Brian Sutherland (Vice President: Argo Development Corporation): $500.00

  • Babette Buck (Co-founded Argo Development with husband Gord): $500.00

  • Fabio Mazzocco (President: Argo Development Corporation): $500.00

  • Gord Buck (Founder & President: Argo Development Corporation): $500.00

  • Benjamin Hallett (President: Hallett Homes Corporation): $500.00

  • Katherine Roberts (Controller: Argo Development Corporation): $500.00

  • Matthew Gordon Buck (Operations Manager: Argo UltraStor): $500.00

  • Carol Linneborn (resides on same street as Gord Buck): $500.00

  • Rosano (Three Rosanos, Vaughan, Ontario): $3,600.00 (total) – unable to establish connection, if any, with developers/builders

  • Carlo Fidani (CEO: Orlando Corporation): $750.00

Here is the link to Argo Development Corporation, which shows all of their team members:

Here is the link to Councillor de Boer’s 2019 financial statement showing the list of donors and amounts donated:

Lynn Kiernan 2018 Campaign Donors

Annette Groves 2018 Campaign Donors

Jennifer Innis 2018 Campaign Donors

Regional Councillor Innis reported receiving $17,600 from 23 donors, eight of whom are tied or related to the development industry and accounted for $9,000.00 (51.1%).[9] The major donors of Jennifer Innis’ 2018 municipal election campaign are listed below:

  • Robert Fernicola (President: Carrington Developments): $1,200.00

  • Kristina Maria Kaneff (General Counsel: Kaneff Group): $1,200.00

  • Steven Weisz (Executive VP: Paradise Developments): $1,000.00

  • Edward Weisz (Co-founder Paradise Developments): $1,000.00

  • Dan Baruch (Paradise Developments): $1,000.00

  • Antonio Patullo (President: Avenue Building): $1,200.00

  • Gordon A Tozer (President: Horseshoe Hill Construction): $1,200.00

  • James Dick (James Dick Construction Ltd: aggregate): $1,200.00


Tony Rosa 2018 Campaign Donors

Christina Early 2018 Campaign Donors