The October 24, 2022 Municipal Election is critical for Caledon with incoming councillors responsible for the Official Plan which will determine Caledon’s development plan for the next 25 years, with population growth (additional 225,000) being a provincial priority.

Many residents aren’t aware of the weight, importance and influence of municipal elections which directly impacts their biggest financial asset: the home and quality of life: roads and traffic safety, parks and recreation, schools and seniors, public services including water, sewage waste management, garbage collection, internet, eco systems and culture plus much more. The goal of this report card will enable residents, to make informed decisions and exercise their civic right to vote in the October election.

Data was compiled from all the published and non-published minutes from the Town of Caledon Website as of September 25/22


Caledon Council Report Card 2018-2022 links to recorded votes

1 Lane reduction and all day parking in downtown Bolton, increasing gridlock in the core

2 Route change for 413 and expedited environmental assessment to send to the province to speed up the 413 process *

3 Voted for an increase of property tax of 5.8% in 2019

4 Voted for an increase of Property tax of 3.7% in 2020

5 Voted for an increase of Property tax of 1.08% in 2021

6 Voted for an increase of Property tax of 2.8% for 2022

7 Voted for an expansion of the James Dick pit (Erin pit) and under the water table extraction

8 Mayor Thompson went to the Province to change the zoning of the Bolton Residential Expansion 6 (BRES), in the south end of Bolton. Then voted on it to be changed to warehousing instead of houses

9 Councillor Downey brought forth a Ministerial Zoning Order (MZO) for Mayfield West, 494 acres of farmland and environmentally sensitive lands. Blocking public input on the planning decisions and changed land status from Prime Agriculture to development *

10 Councillor Innis brought forth a MZO for the Bolton lands to be secured for a GO Station. When the MZO was announced by the Province, they only mentioned speeding up development for housing. Metrolinx has not planned for a GO Train within 20 years These lands will cost tax payers over $100 million to service. *

11 Council to ask the Province for a Ministerial Zoning Order for Tribal Partners to house a 3rd Amazon warehouse in Caledon. Blocking public input to fast track another warehouse on prime farmland *

12 Accept the Groves' Motion to ask the Province to rescind Bill 124 to stop the 3 yr 1% wage cap for increase for Nurses, PSWs, teaching staff and support services *

13 That the Council members should receive a 24.4% increase in salary and $9,500 more for expenses

14 Accept the Wilson land donation for an urgent care facility and seniors housing at the Region of Peel Oct 8/20 meeting. *

15 $650,000 single source contract to Strategy Corp to advance a business case for the GO Train, they were already awarded $300,000 to lobby for a GO Station *

Explainer Video for the Caledon Council Report Card